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What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy generally refers to the targeted professional treatment of mental disorders or psychologically caused physical disorders.
What is systemic psychotherapy?
Systemic psychotherapy focuses on the social context of the client, especially on interactions between members of the family and their environment.
How does an initial consultation work?
The first session is mainly used to get to know each other, as one of the most important aspects of therapy is the client-therapist relationship. The focus of an initial interview is on the client’s motives for psychotherapy. We discuss the reason for therapy (e.g. life crisis, decision difficulties, depression, burnout, death, divorce, panic attacks, etc.), motivation and expectations. In the course of the initial interview, we also clarify the general conditions such as method, setting, frequency of meetings, amount of the fee, payment modalities and cancellation and holiday arrangements.
What does the cancellation policy look like?
If you should not be able to keep an agreed appointment, I would ask you to cancel at least 48 hours before the appointment. Appointments that are cancelled at shorter notice will unfortunately be charged with no exceptions.
How long does psychotherapy last?
Session times are 50 minutes for individuals and 90 minutes for couple’s/family therapy. The duration of a psychotherapy treatment is not fixed. It depends on the underlying problem, the therapy goal and the method.
How often does psychotherapy take place?
Often psychotherapy takes place once a week, which can vary in the course of treatment. Couple’s therapy and family therapy usually takes place every two-three weeks. A certain regularity of the sessions and not too long intervals between sessions create favourable conditions for the psychotherapeutic process.
What is the obligation of confidentiality?
All therapists in Austria are subject to absolute confidentiality according to §15 of the Psychotherapy Act. This applies to all third parties, spouses, public servants and state authorities. In supervision, cases must be worked on anonymously.
Will Dr. Kastner’s invoices be reimbursed to me by my health insurance?
Yes, it is possible to settle accounts with public health insurance companies, but as a self-payer you enjoy the benefit of nothing public being documented. For people with private or supplementary insurance there is certainly the possibility of reimbursement as well.